Reliable Rubber Molded Dock Bumpers

Molded Rubber Dock Bumpers manufactured by Reliable Rubber.

For heavy-duty protection of trucks, docks and material handling vehicles. Manufactured to be resilient enough to absorb pressure and impact shock without causing damage to the vehicle or the dock.


  • High impact resistance and long life
  • Immune to all weather conditions
  • No maintenance required

Molded in one piece of all new nylon and polyester reinforced rubber. Bumper to have durometer reading of 80 plus or minus 5.0; tensile strength of 950 - 1050 PSI with an impact recovery (ASTM 1170) of 95%.

Please refer to provided diagrams for specific model shape and dimensions.

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Reliable Rubber Molded Dock Bumpers (T-3)
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  • T-3
  • L-4
  • B-3_b-4_b-6
  • B-12
  • B-13
  • B-18
  • B-218
Model NumberDimensions (L & W)ThicknessWeightPriceQty.
T-322" x 22"3"33 lbs$88.33
L-418" x 18"4"36 lbs$85.00
B-312" x 24"3"28 lbs$80.00
B-412" x 24"4"36 lbs$98.33
B-612" x 24"6"55 lbs$132.31
B-1212" x 13"4"22 lbs$58.33
B-1310" x 13"4"18 lbs$48.33
B-1810" x 18"4"24 lbs$75.00
B-2188" x 18"2"16 lbs$40.00