Penco 4-Shelf 72" Tall Double Rivet Starter Units With Center Supports

4-shelf RivetRite double rivet starter shelving units with center support Manufactured by Penco.

Penco RivetRite bulky shelving is designed to provide an economical solution for the storage of retail, wholesale or industrial goods. Installation can be done without special tools in a minimum amount of time. These heavy duty models have center support channels for increased capacity.


  • Particle board is recommended for shelf decking (Not Included)
  • Bolt-less assembly
  • Comes with 4 shelves adjustable on 1-1/2" centers
  • Center supports on shelves for increased capacity
  • Access to stored items from all sides
  • Starter and add-on units can be combined to form economical rows of shelving.
  • 72" Tall uprights

Decking material not included, if cutting your own decking use standard length & width of the shelving unit and cut to +0" -1/8".

Capacities listed are for evenly distributed loads on the steel support beams. The type of decking material used may lower the capacity.

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Penco 4-Shelf 72" Tall Double Rivet Starter Units With Center Support
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  • Rivetrite
  • Center_support_starter
Model NumberCapacityDimensions (W, D, & H)WeightPriceQty.
DRC481872-41400 lbs48" x 18" x 72"62 lbs$122.83
DRC482472-41400 lbs48" x 24" x 72"67 lbs$128.29
DRC483072-41300 lbs48" x 30" x 72"72 lbs$134.00
DRC483672-41200 lbs48" x 36" x 72"76 lbs$142.45
DRC484872-41100 lbs48" x 48" x 72"92 lbs$161.08
DRC601872-41200 lbs60" x 18" x 72"70 lbs$131.52
DRC602472-41200 lbs60" x 24" x 72"74 lbs$136.99
DRC603072-41200 lbs60" x 30" x 72"79 lbs$142.70
DRC603672-41200 lbs60" x 36" x 72"84 lbs$151.14
DRC604872-41200 lbs60" x 48" x 72"99 lbs$169.77
DRC721872-41000 lbs72" x 18" x 72"78 lbs$142.45
DRC722472-41000 lbs72" x 24" x 72"90 lbs$147.91
DRC723072-41000 lbs72" x 30" x 72"87 lbs$153.63
DRC723672-41000 lbs72" x 36" x 72"92 lbs$162.07
DRC724872-41000 lbs72" x 48" x 72"107 lbs$180.70
DRC961872-4600 lbs96" x 18" x 72"87 lbs$164.31
DRC962472-4600 lbs96" x 24" x 72"97 lbs$169.77
DRC963072-4600 lbs96" x 30" x 72"102 lbs$175.49
DRC963672-4600 lbs96" x 36" x 72"106 lbs$183.93
DRC964872-4600 lbs96" x 48" x 72"121 lbs$202.56