Mightylift Wire Decking

Wire Decking manufactured by Mightylift


  • Rectangular mesh pattern
  • Galvanized zinc plated
  • 3 support channels per deck (4 Channels on 48x58 Model)
  • 14 gauge support channels
  • 5.00 mm wire construction

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Mightylift Wire Decking
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  • Wire-decking
Model NumberDeck SizeGrid SizeWeightCapacityPriceQty.
WD2446F-314-A424x462.5" x 4.5"12 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD3646F-314-A436x482.5" x 4.5"17.5 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD3652F-314-C436X522" x 4"18.5 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD3658F-314-C436X582" x 4"21 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4246F-314-C442x462" x 4"20 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4252F-314-C442x522" x 4"22 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4258F-314-C442x582" x 4"24 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4446F-314-C444x462" x 4"21.5 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4452F-314-C444x522" x 4"24 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4458F-314-C444x582" x 4"26 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4846F-314-C448x462" x 4"23.5 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4852F-414-A448x522.5" x 4.5"29 lbs2500 lbs$0.00
WD4858F-414-A448x582.5" x 4.5"31 lbs2500 lbs$0.00