Meco Omaha Wizard Portable Drum Racks

Wizard Portable Drum Racks manufactured by Meco Omaha

The original Meco Omaha Wizard is the most versatile unit of its kind. Double welded construction and telescoping oak handles provide necessary leverage for easy loading when extended. Handles retract into frame for storage. Unique button rollers attached to the barrel cradles allow the drum to be rotated for draining or mixing while in the horizontal position. The Wizard handles 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums weighing up to 1000 lbs. Drum must be a minimum of 29" high for the chime hook to engage the drum. The Wizard is available set up or knocked down. All units are 18 1/2" wide; orange enamel finish.


  • Double Welded Steel Frame.
  • 10" x 2 1/2" Steel, Polyolefin, or Mold-On Rubber Wheels.
  • Optional Self Standing Kickstand Kit.
  • Unique Button Rollers Allow for Drum Rotation.
  • 1000 Lbs Capacity.

Please Note: Due to volatile steel prices all Meco products are unavailable for online purchase. For current pricing or to place an order please call us at 1-866-201-4271.

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Meco Omaha Wizard Portable Drum Racks
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Model NumberDrain HeightFrame HeightLength, Handles ext.Length, Handles ret.Weight (lbs)WheelsPriceQty.
W12R20 1/2"22 1/2"64"43 1/2"535" Hard Rubber$0.00
W12SS20"22"64"43 1/2"514" Steel$0.00
W12P20 1/2"22 1/2"64"43 1/2"485" Polyolefin$0.00
W12R-KD20 1/2"22 1/2"64"43 1/2"615" Hard Rubber$0.00
W12SS-KD20"22"64"43 1/2"484" Steel$0.00
W12P-KD20 1/2"22 1/2"64"43 1/2"485" Polyolefin$0.00