Meco Omaha Machine Tables

Machine Tables manufactured by Meco Omaha

These all steel tables are ideal for tool and die work, assembly operations, maintenance projects and platforms for drill presses, table saws and belt sanders. The smooth 12 ga. steel shelves will not crack, splinter or absorb liquids - maintenance is easy! Available in three comfortable working heights. All units are shipped fully assembled; gray enamel finish.

The 3000 lbs capacity tables employ heavy steel angle reinforcements under the shelves to maintain flatness while improving strength and rigidity.


  • Heavy Duty 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle legs support the most demanding load.
  • 3000 lb. unit shelves will have welded stiffer bars to keep shelves rigid.
  • 12 Ga. Steel for Years of Use.

Please Note: Due to volatile steel prices all Meco products are unavailable for online purchase. For current pricing or to place an order please call us at 1-866-201-4271.

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Meco Omaha Machine Tables
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  • Mt2436
  • Mmt2433
  • Mt2448kd
Model Number# of ShelvesHeightShelf ClearanceShelf SizeWeight (lbs)PriceQty.
MT-1824230"18"18" X 24"63$0.00
MT-1836230"18"18" X 36"79$0.00
MT-2424230"18"24" X 24"73$0.00
MT-2436230"18"24" X 36"93$0.00
MT-2448230"18"24" X 48"113$0.00
MMT1823-2232"22 1/4"18" X 36"74$0.00
MMT2423-2232"22 1/4"24" X 36"88$0.00
MMT2424-2232"24 1/2"24" X 48"109$0.00
MMT2425-2232"22 1/4"24" X 60"109$0.00
MMT3025-2232"22 1/4"30" X 60"152$0.00
MMT1833-2332"10 1/8"18" X 36"101$0.00
MMT2433-2332"10 1/8"24" X 36"121$0.00
MMT3025-2332"10 1/8"30" X 60"218$0.00
MMT2824-3236"24 1/2"24" X 48"160$0.00
MMT3015-3236"24 1/2"30" X 60"198$0.00
MMT3424-3236"22 1/4"34" X 48"179$0.00
MMT3426-3236"24 1/2"34" X 72"263$0.00