Meco Omaha Drum Storage Racks

Drum Storage Racks manufactured by Meco Omaha.

Meco Omaha Drum Storage Racks are constructed of heavy duty steel angle and engineered for orderly handling and selective storage and removal of 30 and 55 gallon drums. Assembly is easy - simply bolt four vertical legs to individual levels, attaching X-bracing to ends and rack is ready to accept drums. For maximum flexibility in drum storage, racks may be ordered to permit back to back installation allowing the user to customize every system to his own requirement. By combining units any degree of capacity in nearly any type of space can be obtained. Designed for convenient forklift entry front and rear; all units are 34" deep.


  • Easy Rack Assembly.
  • Combining Units for Flexible Storage Needs.
  • Convenient Forklift accessibility.

Please Note: Due to volatile steel prices all Meco products are unavailable for online purchase. For current pricing or to place an order please call us at 1-866-201-4271.

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Meco Omaha Drum Storage Racks
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Model Number# of LvlsCapacity lbsHeightHeight to Top of First LevelWeight (lbs)WidthPriceQty.
DR332400 70"8 1/2"16333"$0.00
DR43320048 1/2"18"16260"$0.00
DR6-2H2480048 1/2"18"21085 1/2"$0.00
DR6-3H3480070"8 1/2"23060"$0.00
DR93720070"8 1/2"30285 1/2"$0.00