Handle-It 850PS Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® Model 850PS offers top-of-the-line functions and features at a great price. It is ideal for those who are looking for an efficient machine capable of handling high volumes of pallets per day. Standard features on the 850PS include 250% powered pre-stretch, 86” max wrap height, user-friendly control panel, electronic film tension, and many other elements cleverly designed to make this unit a must-have in any facility looking to improve and streamline their packaging operations.


  • Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment (from 3 to 13 RpM)
  • 3/4 HP TEFC Turntable Drive Motor
  • 100 maximum average loads per day
  • Easily moved with forklifts and plugs into standard 110v wall outlets
  • Heavy Duty Carriage Rollers & Self Lubricating turntable bearings
  • Integrated control board makes repair and diagnosis easier and reduces machine down time
  • ​Rack and pinion carriage drive system adds to reliability and reduces down time
  • Electronically controlled power pre-stretch film carriage- load sensor dynamically controls the application of film for an ultra consistent film stretch
  • 3 working cycles: ascent/descent; topsheet; only ascent
  • 9 additional recordable playback cycles can be saved

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Handle-It 850PS Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine
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Model NumberWrap HeightMachine FootprintCapacityTurntable DiameterMax Pallet SizePriceQty.
SWM-SA-850PS86"93" x 60"4400 lbs59"48" x 80" (93" Diagonal)$7,884.62