Hamilton Vanguard 8" Swivel Casters

Vanguard 8" Swivel Casters manufactured by Hamilton.

Vanguard 62-Series casters feature a 4 1/2" x 6 1/4" top plate and are constructed with steel parts “cold forged” under a 1,000 ton press, a process that rearranges the molecular structure of the steel to provide greater density at points of stress. Mirror-smooth double ball raceways are the result of coining under extreme pressure, and then hardening for long life. Zinc plated finish is standard on all GS swivel and rigid rigs. Series 62 casters are ideal for terminal carts, maintenance carts and platform trucks.


  • 4 1/2" x 6 1/4" Top Plate
  • Cold forged steel mounting plate and horn base
  • 1/4" plate steel Legs, formed for increased strength and continuously welded to horn base
  • Permanent rivet type kingpin, 3/4" diameter heat treated steel
  • 1/2" Diameter axle bolt with lock nut
  • Hardened and polished steel balls rotate in two smoothly coined, case hardened raceways

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Hamilton Vanguard 8" Swivel Casters
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  • Duralast-polyurethane-wheel
  • 4.5_6.25
  • Ergo-glide-polyurethane-wheel
  • Ergo-tech-wheel822
  • Metal-iron-wheel
  • White-nylon-6-plastic-wheel
  • Plastex-phenolic-plastic-wheel
  • Swivel-eaz-wheel
  • Moldon-rubber-on-iron-metal-core-wheel
Model NumberDescriptionDiameterHeightLoad Capacity (lbs)Weight (lbs)PriceQty.
S-628-DBDuralast®8"9 1/2"150014$101.00
S-628-SPBErgo-Glide8"9 1/2"120014$109.00
S-628-EMBErgo-Tech™8"9 1/2"100011$106.00
S-628-MBMetal8"9 1/2"15009 1/2$80.00
S-628-RMoldon Rubber8"9 1/2"50012$75.00
S-628-PPlastex8"9 1/2"14009 1/2$57.00
S-628-SWFSwivel-EAZ®8"9 1/2"150010$160.00
S-628-WNBWhite Nylon8"9 1/2"11009 1/2$72.00