Hamilton Thread Guard 6" Rigid Casters

Thread Guard 6" Rigid Casters manufactured by Hamilton

The TG-Series of casters, with thread guards installed as standard equipment, provides improved availability for textile industry users requiring 2" face wheels. The thread guards are metal or plastic discs fixed in place between the spanner bushing and caster leg to prevent loose threads from being wound around the axle. Zinc plating is the standard finish for the caster rigs and other hardware. Lube-type axles with drilled spanner bushings for re-lubrication are furnished on all models.


  • 4" x 4 1/2" Top Plate
  • Formed steel mounting plate and horn base
  • 1/4" x 2" plate steel Legs
  • 1/2" diameter hollow lube-type axle with lock nut
  • Zinc plated finish

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Hamilton Thread Guard 6" Rigid Casters
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  • Aqualite-polyolefin-plastic-wheel
  • 4_4.5
  • Duralast-polyurethane-wheel
  • Polytech-polyurethane-wheel
  • Versa-tech-plastic-core-wheel
  • Vulcalite
  • Plastex-phenolic-plastic-wheel
  • Metal-iron-wheel
Model NumberDescriptionDiameterHeightLoad Capacity (lbs)Weight (lbs)PriceQty.
R-TG-6AZAqualite®6"7 1/2"7505$50.00
R-TG-6DBDuralast®6"7 1/2"12009 1/2$82.00
R-TG-6MBMetal6"7 1/2"12509$66.00
R-TG-6PPlastex6"7 1/2"12007$48.00
R-TG-6NFPoly-Tech®6"7 1/2"8006$54.00
R-TG-6TEVersa-Tech®6"7 1/2"4106$49.00
R-TG-6ARVulcalite™6"7 1/2"4106$62.00