GKS - Perfekt EX Hydraulic toe jacks

Hydraulic toe jacks manufactured by GKS-Perfekt.

These high quality hydraulic toe jacks are designed for lifting loads in areas that are difficult to access. EX jacks also require a remote operated hydraulic pump (Not included) to operate.


  • Manufactured with high grade material
  • Testmark ANSI/ASME
  • Module design for easy repair/maintenance

Manufacturers Website: GKS-Perfekt

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GKS - Perfekt EX Hydraulic toe jacks (V5-EX)
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  • V5ex
  • V10ex
  • V30ex
Model Number# of Lift Toe Positions Dimensions (L, W & H)Lift HeightLoad CapacitySafety Toe Loading Height Min/MaxWeightWorking PressurePriceQty.
V5-EX / 1018539.7" x 8.3" x 9.9"5.5"11000 lbs0.6" / 5.7"38 lbs7542 psi$995.00
V10-EX / 10186411" x 9.3" x 12.2"6.3"22000 lbs0.8" / 6.8"60 lbs7542 psi$1,450.00
V30-EX / 11140218.4" x 15.7" x 13"6.1"66000 lbs1.6" / 7.7"232 lbs6237 psi$6,485.00