Blue Giant U-Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Blue Giant U-Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers are high-performance systems that operate at the touch of a button. Strategically welded steel beams maximize deck strength and improve product longevity. Hydraulic deck cylinders increase operating efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements, resulting in a lower cost of ownership compared to mechanical dock levelers. Independent lip control is available for all models, decreasing both cycle time and energy use.


  • Platform flexes up to 4" (102mm) under load, maintaining full-width contact between the lip and the truck bed
  • Inverted deck cylinder self-bleeds continually, reducing internal corrosion and increasing velocity fuse efficiency
  • Continuous one-piece headboard system intensifies the strength of the deck’s front structure
  • Single lip hinge pin enables a stronger distributed load

Product Brochure: U-Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

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Blue Giant U-Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers
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  • U-series
Model NumberCapacityDeck Size (W x L)PriceQty.
HU6006-3030,000 lbs72" x 75.5"$3,438.00
HU6006-4040,000 lbs72" x 75.5"$3,932.00
HU6008-3030,000 lbs72" x 99.5"$3,619.00
HU6008-4040,000 lbs72" x 99.5"$4,193.00
HU7008-3030,000 lbs83" x 99.5"$4,096.00
HU7008-4040,000 lbs83" x 99.5"$4,760.00