Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Levelers

With innovative features such as U-beam deck support and a highly efficient ratchet hold-down system, the Blue Giant mechanical dock leveler has an industry-wide reputation for quality and performance.

Blue Giant mechanical dock levelers are easy to use: simply pull the release chain and let the heavy-duty main lift springs go into action. The deck rises up and the lip extends smoothly to the locked position. Then ‘walk’ the deck down to the truck bed and begin loading or unloading.


  • Minimum of 6 U-beam channels supporting the deck
  • Deck flex of up to 4” (102mm) when under load
  • Reduces the risk of dock leveler ‘pop-up’
  • Easy-Pull for quicker and easier deployment

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Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Levelers
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Model NumberCapacityDeck Size (W x L)PriceQty.
MU6006-3030,000 lbs72" x 75.5"$2,820.00
MU6006-4040,000 lbs72" x 75.5"$3,289.00
MU6008-3030,000 lbs72" x 99.5"$3,133.00
MU6008-4040,000 lbs72" x 99.5"$3,573.00
MU7008-3030,000 lbs83" x 99.5"$3,527.00
MU7008-4040,000 lbs83" x 99.5"$4,118.00