Bishamon MobiLift™ Mobile Lift Tables

MobiLift™ BX & BXB series lift tables manufactured by Bishamon.

Bishamon MobiLift™ scissor lift tables are rugged industrial lift tables with push-bars and casters. BX Series lift tables provide improved ergonomics by placing the load at a convenient work height while providing the mobility to locate the lift where it is needed. MobiLift™ tables are available in various capacities and travels to satisfy a wide variety of applications. The manual foot pump models have an integrated hydraulic pump/cylinder assembly while a 24-volt DC power unit provides the lifting power on electric battery powered models.


  • Heavy-duty construction with captured scissor rollers for maximum stability
  • High quality casters and wheels for exceptional mobility
  • Dual action caster brake locks both the wheel and the swivel
  • Electric models are battery powered and feature an enclosed charger with removable power cord and hand held push button control with handle mount
  • Manual models feature a foot operated pump and lever style lowering control

Manual models Lift Time is measured in number of foot pedal strokes.

Manufacturers Website: Bishamon

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Bishamon MobiLift™ Mobile Lift Tables
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Model NumberCapacityHeight (Lowered/Raised)Lift TimeLift TypePlatform SizePriceQty.
BX-15330 lbs8.4" / 28.8"15 StrokesManual Scissor Lift17.7" x 27.6"$652.40
BX-25660 lbs11.3" / 34.1"25 StrokesManual Scissor Lift19.7" x 32"$810.13
BX-501100 lbs17.2" / 39.3"50 StrokesManual Scissor Lift20.4" x 39.8"$1,107.87
BX-751760 lbs17.2" / 39.3"67 StrokesManual Scissor Lift20.4" x 39.8"$1,252.53
BX-30S660 lbs17" / 62.1"64 StrokesManual Double Scissor Lift 20.4" x 39.8"$1,469.07
BX-50S1100 lbs16.5" / 39.5"66 StrokesManual Double Scissor Lift 18.1" x 25.6"$1,940.40
BX-50W1100 lbs17" / 62.1"90 StrokesManual Double Scissor Lift 20.4" x 39.8"$1,996.40
BX-30B660 lbs11.5" / 35"10 SecondsElectric Scissor Lift19.7" x 32.1"$1,923.60
BX-50B1100 lbs17.2" / 40.4"10 SecondsElectric Scissor Lift20.5" x 39.8"$2,092.53
BX-80B1760 lbs17.2" / 38.4"12 SecondsElectric Scissor Lift20.5" x 39.8"$2,150.40
BX-15WB330 lbs15.2" / 54.1"10 SecondsElectric Double Scissor Lift19.7" x 32.1"$2,044.93
BX-30SB660 lbs17.5" / 63.8"12 SecondsElectric Double Scissor Lift20.5" x 39.8"$2,330.53
BX-50WB1100 lbs17.1" / 63.2"17 SecondsElectric Double Scissor Lift20.5" x 39.8"$3,269.47