B&P Steel Curb Dock Boards

Steel Curb Dock Boards manufactured by B&P Manufacturing.


  • Aluminum deck with safety tread plate surface
  • Beveled edges provide smooth entry and exit
  • Heavy duty steel bolt on legs can be reversed for refrigerated applications
  • Heavy duty 4" tall bolt on steel curbs
  • 10,000 lb boards are 3/8" thick, 15,000 lb boards are 1/2" thick

  • Heavy duty forklift lift-chains are available, please call us at 1-866-201-4271 for more information.

Manufacturers Website: B&P Manufacturing

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B&P Steel Curb Dock Boards
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Model NumberCapacityDimensions (W & L)Leg LengthMax Height DifferenceWeightPriceQty.
ADS10-483610,000 lbs48" x 36"7"5"115 lbs$665.82
ADS10-484810,000 lbs48" x 48"9"7"151 lbs$816.84
ADS10-486010,000 lbs48" x 60"12"10"189 lbs$1,037.04
ADS10-604810,000 lbs60" x 48"9"7"169 lbs$823.13
ADS10-606010,000 lbs60" x 60"12"10"211 lbs$1,032.70
ADS10-724810,000 lbs72" x 48"9"7"190 lbs$1,009.16
ADS10-726010,000 lbs72" x 60"12"10"237 lbs$1,141.50
ADS15-483615,000 lbs48" x 36"7"5"136 lbs$787.68
ADS15-484815,000 lbs48" x 48"9"7"180 lbs$932.52
ADS15-486015,000 lbs48" x 60"12"10"255 lbs$1,128.91
ADS15-604815,000 lbs60" x 48"9"7"204 lbs$1,016.14
ADS15-606015,000 lbs60" x 60"12"10"255 lbs$1,242.40
ADS15-724815,000 lbs72" x 48"9"7"255 lbs$1,192.46
ADS15-726015,000 lbs72" x 60"12"10"322 lbs$1,667.76