B&P Aluminum Dock Plates

Aluminum Dock Plates manufactured by B&P.


  • 3/8" thick plate
  • High traction safety tread plate surface
  • Bolt-on leg assembly for ease of lifting and moving
  • Beveled edges provide smooth entry and exit
  • Engineered bend keeps the edges of the dock plate flush with both dock and truck

Capacity ratings are actual, per Aluminum Industry Association standards

Manufacturers Website: B&P Manufacturing

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B&P Aluminum Dock Plates with handle slot (E-3624-HS)
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Model NumberCapacityDimensions (W x L)Max Height DifferenceWeightHandle TypePriceQty.
E-3024-HS3000 lbs30" x 24"3"46 lbsHand Slots$255.65
E-3624-HS3600 lbs36" x 24"3"51 lbsHand Slots$294.26
E-4836-HS3500 lbs48" x 36"5"83 lbsHand Slots$551.78
E-3648-HS1900 lbs36" x 48"7"87 lbsHand Slots$550.66